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Journey to Jiufen (Taiwan)

Journey to Jiufen (T...


Taking a tour of another interesting part of Taiwan... Jiufen 九份. Experience the sights of a city on a side of a mountain. More Food ...

The New Year (2012 Party)

The New Year (2012 P...


Gathered among friends, putting food on the open flame and good cheers to all bringing in the new 2012 year.

Miguel’s B-Day Night

Miguel’s B-Day...


Celebrating another homie's Birthday. Drinks and Laughs all night long.

Wedding Highlights – Mia + Errol

Wedding Highlights &...


On the coast near the Florida Keys was a spectacular view and Marriage of two special love birds.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings...


Parting it up with a double event. Having a Baby shower and Graduation party back to back.

Fantasy (Burlesque Show)

Fantasy (Burlesque S...


Got invited to see a Burlesque show a while back and brought my camera along to capture it all. Girls on stage... enough said.

Sushi Night

Sushi Night...


A night out on the Hollywood strip while having Sushi & drinks with two lovely ladies.

A Night at the Museum

A Night at the Museu...


Another short hang out video. Got together with friends after work for drinks and laughs.

Vibe’n (Friends, Food & Fun)

Vibe’n (Friend...


Just another fun night hangin with close friends having a good time.

” Chill Night “

” Chill Night ...


I head out to a local bar with the crew. Get some drinks, music, and play some pool.....Good Times. Kassim Richards Vick Sagar