A Passion to Create

Alfred has the skills you need.

Featured Project

Robo Bar-Tokyo

My time in Tokyo has been amazing and this is one of the Highlights. Located in the busy area of Shinjuku, its the perfect spot to have a drink and a show.


Video Shooting

Shooting Skills

Focusing on taking the right shot with correct lighting Is my passion.


Video Editing

Editing Skill

I take pride in being knowledgeable in most editing software. Lots of time is put into each edit. Making each video different and more unique than the last one. Adobe Editing Suite like Premiere Pro and Photoshop.



Photography Skills

I love Photography as a hobby and enjoy fun projects with it. Taking the Perfect Picture feels great.



It all starts here
Idea is born
Plans are made
Tasks are assigned
Team is developing
Product is ready
Customer is happy

Latest news from My Blog

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